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Rohit Prakash

Rohit Prakash

Computer Science graduate (IIT Delhi) by qualification... Mountaineer by passion... Artist by default...

Back in IIT, he did projects for Harvard Business School and Sun Microsystems. Thereafter, he worked extensively on web analytics and shopping and news recommendation engines for companies like Clickable and Indiatimes.

He thrives on challenge and adventure, be it work or (extreme) sports. In his free time, he makes ambigrams and reads comics (Tintin being his all time favorite).

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Sulabh Varshney

Sulabh Varshney

2009 graduate from the Department of Computer Science, IIT Delhi. He has expertise in the field of robotics and excels in playing Contract Bridge.

A die hard Shreya Ghoshal fan, music is his passion and singing comes naturally to him. He also does his bit of helping the world by regular Reiki meditation.

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